Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mac vs PC

Hey people! it's been a while huh?. Lately, I've been working on my new site, making some proyects and editing some movies. The next week some invitations and publicity that i did on Photoshop for a hotel are going to be on T.V like for 1 minute announcing a big event here in my country and that makes be so proud of myself.

Back to the topic, Mac or PC?
Why am i asking this? Well, it's because 3 weeks ago i was thinking on getting a new computer.

Mac: Good design, Great OS, Easy to use, Good for editing movies, Safer.
PC: Cheaper, Good support,easy to customize and repair, and a lot of software and hardware extensions.

My plan was getting Macbook, so i started to search for a good one. I went to the shop and i tried the macbooks, they were really cool and expensive, then i thought that getting an iMac would be less expensive and better. At the end i decided to buy a desktop PC. Why? because they are cheap, and i got a better hardware for less money.
Let see at the prices

For 1471.00$ :

Screen: 20"
processor: 2,66GHz Core 2 duo
Ram: 2 GB
Graphic Mem: NVIDIA GeForce 9400M
And of course, the great OSX Leopard.

And for 682$ i got this:

(pic not related)

Screen: 18"
Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad, Q9650 3GHz
Ram: 4gB
Graphic Mem: Nvidia Geforce 9600GT
Os: Win XP

I really love my new computer, macs are great but i totally prefer a better hardware. Maybe this christmas i'll buy a Macbook, who knows. Ohh and Windows 7 is comming and i think that is gonna be better than the F@k!ng vista.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Little Update

I know it's been a while since i wrote my last post, but i've been very busy.
Right now i'm working on my new web page, so i'll be changing to a new domain very soon...
A pasado un rato desde que escribi mi antiguo post, pero he estado muy ocupado.
Ahorita estoy trabajando en mi nueva pagina web, asi que estare cambiando de pagina muy pronto...

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Phantasy Star portable

Yes guys, this awesome RPG game will soon be on our hands!!
Release Date: March 3, 2009
Ohh yeah, almost forgot to say.. i'm a Psp user! and i love RPG's and FPS.
I can't wait to play Phantasy Star!!

Si muchachos, Este increible Juego RPG va a estar pronto en nuestras manos! Fecha de salida: 3 de Marzo del 2009
Ahh si, casi olvido decirlo.. Yo uso Psp! y me encantan los RPGs y los FPS.
No puedo esperar a jugar Phantasy Star!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Fast Food

Haha that was my lunch today xD
anyway, next week it's gonna be more relaxing, because i almost finished all my proyects. "Almost" because in 2 weeks i have to present a program in Pascal X__X There are 40 points in game and with my teacher you get 10 or you get 0, there's no chance to get 5 or 6..
thx god i like to make programs and i have a lot of time to make my proyect, Btw pascal it's not hard for me ^^'

Jaja ese fue mi almuerzo hoy xD De todas maneras, la otra semana va a ser mas calmada, por que ya termine "Casi" todos mis proyectos. En 2 semanas tengo que presentar un programa en Pascal que vale 40 puntos, y con mi teacher no se puede sacar 5 o 6 puntos, con el o se saca 10 o se saca 0 X_X gracias a dios me gusta programar y ademas tengo mucho timpo para hacer el programa y pascal no es dificil para mi.

Ohh and why "Fast Food"?
Because i ate so much crap this week "Mc Donalds, Pizza, Campero "our KFC", Chocolates, Valentine's day candy..etc".
LOL! Last weekend i went to the beach, took a couple of pics, ate fish and shrimps, And when everything was going fine..... I got sick... >:(

Hehe tomorrow i'll post the pics ok? ;)

Ohh y por que "Fast Food"?
Por que esta semana comi mucha basura "Mc Donalds, Pizza, Campero, Chocolates, Dulces del dia de san valentin...etc".
La semana pasada fui a la playa, tome un par de fotos, comi pescado y camarones, Y cuando todo iba bien...Me enferme.. >: (

jeje Mañana pondre las fotos ok? ;)
Nos vemos!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Ahh too busy!

Yeah "again" i'm too busy ;__;
I have a HUGE investigation about the the octal numeral system, and i have to talk more than 35mins "Thx god is in groups" but we are only 5 and i have to create a video promotion in AAF "Adobe After Effects". Ohh and i have a Programming test next week, so i'm working and studying very hard : S
Si, otra vez estoy ocupado ;__;
Tengo una investigacion GRANDISIMA acerca del Sistema octal, y tengo que hablar mas de 35mins " Gracias a dios es en grupos" pero solo somos 5, y tengo que hacer un video en AAF " Adobe after effects". ahh y tengo un examen de programacion la semana que viene, por eso estoy trabajando y estudiando bastante :S

ohh and tomorrow i'll go to the beach ^^' 3 DAYS!! :D
Cya people!
ahh y mañana voy a la plata ^^' 3 DIAS!! :D
Nos vemos gente!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Busy Week

Yeah, i have been VERY busy this week.. i don't know why teachers send Lots of homework, but i don't like it at all ;__; And yesterday i took the SPT "Spanish Proficiency test" and it was so boring and long.

I haven't seen any Bleach/Buso Renkin/Gundam Wing/FMA/PoT--"Prince of Tennis" episodes and I don't even have time to study Japanese >__>' and because i'm not a nerd/genius or something like that, "at least, i guess so" i have to study much more to be a good student...
Si, Esta semana he estado MUY ocupado... No se por que a los maestros les gusta dejar tarea, pero a mi no me gusta para nada ;__; y ayer tome el EPLE " Examen de posesion de la lengua española" y estuvo largisimo y aburridisimo.

No e visto Bleach/Buso Renkin/Gundam Wing/FMA/PoT--"Prince of Tennis" y nisiquiera he tenido el tiempo de estudiar Japones >.>' y como no soy nerd/Genio o lo que sea, " almenos eso creo" tengo que estudiar mucho mas para ser un buen estudiante...

Ahh!!! And today...!! OMG! TODAY I TALKED TO HER!! ^__^' Yeah!! I did it guys! and i'm so proud of myself! THX To Everyone who helped ME! ;)

I just went with a couple of friends to talk with her, and everything was good. I talked with her and with her friends about everything. The conversation was really good and it took like 20 minutes :D

She was acting in a dumb way, because she was embarrassed for all the things she did to me, but now everything is alright, i just have to keep our friendship in a good and passive way like last year ^^
Ahh!! y hoy...!! HOY HABLE CON ELLA!!! ^__^' SII!! Lo hise!! y estoy muy orgulloso de mi mismo! GRACIAS a todos los que me ayudaron! ;)

Solo fui con unos amigos a hablarle a ella, y todo fue bien. Hable con ella y con sus amigos acerca de todo, y la conversacion estuvo muy buena, y tomo como 20 minutos :D

Ella estaba actuando de una manera estupida, por que estaba avergonzada de lo que me hiso, pero todo esta bien ahora. Solo tengo que mantener nuestra amistado en una buena y pasiva manera como el año pasado ^^

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Japanese Candies and more...

Few days ago, my friend who went to Japan gave me some Japanese candies ^^'

Hace unos dias, un amigo que fue a Japon me dio unos dulces Japoneses ^^

The candies are not bad, but the Tea flavor it's a bit strange :S
Anyway, tomorrow he's going to give me more candies.

Los dulces no estan malos, pero el de sabor a té es un poco extraño :s
De todas maneras, mañana el nos va a dar mas dulces.

And today he gave me "Bleach: The Diamond Dust Rebellion" Manga!! :D
I didn't know anything about this movie, and now i have the original manga! Yay!!

Y hoy me dio el manga de "Bleach: The Diamond Dust Rebellion"! :D
No sabia nada acerca de esta pelicula y ahora tengo el manga original! Sii!!

It's in Japanese, but since i'm learning the language and i actually can read it, this will help me to understand much more.

Esta Japones, pero como estoy aprendiendo el idioma y de hecho puedo leerlo, creo que me va a ayudar mucho mas.

---More pics for you guys ;)

---Mas fotos para ustedes muchachos ;)

I don't know when this movie takes place, but Rukia is fine, she's not in danger and that's good.

No se cuando toma lugar esta pelicula, pero rukia esta bien, no esta en peligro y eso es bueno.

So yeah, This week i've been very busy, Lots of homework, and proyects. Today i got a Programming, Computer and TOEFL test.
Tomorrow i have to take a Math and Physics test AND next week a Spanish test ;_;
Ohh and about the girl, i saw her many times walking around, but i can't talk to her and she doesn't talk to me.. Am i too weak? I don't know.. if she doesn't talk to me tomorrow, i'll take the next step on monday, or maybe not..

Si, Esta semana he estado muy ocupado, muchas tareas y proyectos. Hoy tuve una prueba de Programacion, Computacion y TOEFL.
Mañana tengo prueba de Matematica y Fisica Y la siguiente semana una de Idioma Español ;__;
Ahh y acerca de la chica, ya la vi muchas vecez, pero no le puedo hablar..Talvez soy muy debil? No se, pero si ella no me habla mañana, voy a tomar el siguiente paso el lunes o talvez no...

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Mimi's Rage T-Shirt

Today was my first day of school ;__; and when i came home... Guess what i found??!!

Hoy fue mi primer dia de colegio ;__; y cuando regrese a casa... Adivinen que encontre??!!

I'm gonna show you my T-shirt unboxing.

Les voy a enseñar el desenpaque de mi camisa.

3 Boxes! Damnit!! WHERE's MY SHIRT??!! >:[

3 Cajas! Maldicion! DONDE ESTA LA CAMISA?! >:[

Ok, This is the last one! OMG!! :D

Ok, Esta es la ultima :D

Yay!! Finally ^^' i got a Mimi's Rage T-shirt!!

Siii! Finalmente ^^' Tengo una camisa de la Ira de Mimi!

And besides the shirt, xJAYMANx sent to me a pic with a little text on it >:D

Y aparte de la camisa, xJAYMANx me mando una foto con un pequeño texto >:D

Thx Jay! I really appreciate all you did >;D

Yeah, the design came out badly, but i don't mind at all ^^' In general, the shirt looks and feels good.
If you are a Mimi's fan, You definitely have to buy one ;) "More info. HERE"

Si, El diseño salio mal, pero no me importa para nada ^^' En general, la camisa se mira bien y se siente bien.
Si eres fan de Mimi, Tienes que comprar una ;) "Mas informacion. AQUI"

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Death Note

Before school starts, i have to talk about this awesome anime.
Death Note! Yeah, it's like a "Dark" Drama anime. What i'm trying to say is that Death note is not like the normal anime you watch everyday, this one is different.

The series is about a high school student who discovers a Notebook dropped by a death god named Ryuk. With this notebook called "Death Note" the user grants the ability to kill anyone whose face he have seen, by writing the victim's name in the notebook.
A private detective, better know as "L" investigate the case to catch up the student. Light "The student" realizes that L will be his greatest enemy, and a game to know who can catch the other one first begins.

Antes de que empieze el colegio, tengo que hablar de este increible anime.
Death note es como un "oscuro" anime con drama. Lo que intento decir es que no es como todos los animes que míras dia a dia, este es diferente.

La serie se trata acerca de un estudiante que descubre un cuaderno, el cual habia botado el dios de la muerte llamado Ryuk. Con este cuaderno llamado "Death Note" el
usuario gana la habilidad de matar a cualquiera que haya visto, escribiendo el nombre de la victima en el cuaderno.
Un detective, mejor conocido como "L" investiga el caso para poder atrapar al estudiante. Light " El estudiante" se da cuenta que L va a ser su mayor enemigo, y el juego para saber quien atrapa de primero al otro, empieza.

Yeah, there's a movie based on Death Note too, i haven't seen the move yet, but i know it's gonna be bad.
So..i totally recommend this anime to everyone who likes good animes "Like Samurai X" hehe. Trust me, it won't be a waste of time.

Si, Hay una pelicula basada en Death Note, no la e visto todavia, pero se que va a ser mala. Entonces..Totalmemente recomiendo este anime a todo aquel que le guesten los buenos animes "Como Samurai X" jeje. Creanme, no perderan su tiempo.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

1 More week!

Ahh I just have 1 more week of vacation! Part of me wants to come back, because i want to see my friends, know what they did during vacation...etc. The other part of me wants to keep playing videogames, reading manga, sleeping late at night...etc.
And if you saw my post about the girl who i got problems (if you didn't, it's the post called "Best Friends??") Right now im thinking on what i'm going to say if i see her in school. "lol, of course i'll see her" xD
I can't stop making scenarios in my mind ;__; but yeah, we'll see what happens.

And today Kenshin fought against Shogo Amakusa. Kenshin won of course and he was blind! :)

Ahh Solo me queda 1 semana mas de vacaciones! Parte de mi quiere regresar, por que quiero ver a mis amigos, saber que hicieron en vacaciones...etc. La otra parte quiere quedarse jugando video juegos, leyendo manga, durmiendo hasta tarde..etc.
Y si viste mi post acerca de la chica con la que tuve problemas (si no lo hiciste, el post se llama "Best Friends??") Ahorita estoy pensando en que le voy a decir cuando la mire en la escuela. "jaja claro que la voy a ver" XD

No puedo parar de hacer escenarios en mi cabeza ;__; pero si, ya veremos que pasa.

Y hoy Kenshin peleo contra Shogo Amakusa. Kenshin gano claro y eso que estaba ciego! :)

Monday, January 5, 2009

Kanji de Manga vol.3

Today i got "Kanji de Manga vol.3"!! As you can see in the picture, this book helps people to learn how to write and read Japanese. Actually, I think Japanese is not hard to learn, it just takes time and effort.

Hoy recibi " Kanji de Manga vol.3!! Como pueden ver en la foto, el libro ayuda a la gente a aprender a escribir y a leer Japones. De hecho, no es tan dificil aprender japones, solo toma mucho tiempo y esfuerzo.

More Kanji to learn ;__; haha, the good thing is that i really like kanjis, i like to know what they mean, how to write them...etc. That's why it's kind of fun for me. I'm taking the japanese very "calmly". This year, maybe i'll be going to Japanese classes, but i don't know yet, i just want to take my time to learn.

^^' Right now, you might be thinking: Why does he wants to learn Japanese??!
hehe Well, i'll be talking about this later.

Mas Kanji para aprender ;__; jaja, lo bueno es que a mi si me gustan los kanjis, Me gusta saber su significado, como escribirlos...etc. Es por eso que es un poco divertido para mi.
Solo estoy tomandome esto con calma, este año voy a tomar clases de Japones pero no se todavia, solo quiero tomarme mi tiempo para aprender.

^^' ahora, puede que esten pensando: Por que quiere aprender japones?!
jeje voy a hablar sobre esto despues.

Friday, January 2, 2009

The best TV show of all time

Have you ever seen Prison Break? O.O
Well, Let me tell you that Prison Break is the best show on TV ever! (at least for me).
It's about 2 brothers trying to break out of prison, because one of them was sentenced to death because for a crime he didn't commit, so his brother went to prison to save him from death.

Alguna vez han visto Prison Break?!
Pues dejenme decirles que Prison Break es el mejor show de televison! (almenos para mi).
Se trata de 2 hermano tratando de escapar de la carcel, por que a uno de ellos lo sentenciaron a muerte por culpa de un crimen que el no cometio, entonces su hermano va a prision para salvarlo de la muerte.

In general it's a good show. Season 1 and season 2 are the best ones, season 3 was good, but not that good and only has 13 episodes.
Right now, i'm watching season 4 (episode 15) and everything is good, but i feel like the show lost the essence, because they are not even in prison, they just want to take down "The company" that wanted Lincoln Burrows and Michael Scofield dead.
Anyway, i still love the show :)

En general, es un buen show. La temporada 1 y 2 son las mejores, la temporada 3 fue buena, pero no tan buena como las demas y solo tiene 13 episodios.
Ahora estoy viendo la temporada 4 (episodio 15) y es una buena temporada, pero siento que el show ya perdio su esencia, por que ya nisiquiera estan en prision, ellos solo quieren destruir a "La Compañia" que queria a Licoln Burrows y a Michael Scofield muertos.
De cualquier manera, todavia me encanta el show :)

Thursday, January 1, 2009

A New year, A New Beginning...

Happy new year everyone!!! 2008 was one of my best years ever, but it's time to reach new goals, to forget the past, and to move on.
I'm wishing 2009 to be even better than 2008.
i'm gonna study a lot, and i'm gonna try to be a better person :)
Last night we got so much fun. Family from Costa Rica came here to celebrate with us, so it was a good night! I ate a lot like always and played ps3 with all the people in the house :D

Knowledge speaks and Wisdom Listens-Jimy Hendrix

Feliz Año Nuevo!!! 2008 fue uno de mis mejores años, pero es tiempo de alcanzar nuevas metas, de olvidar el pasado, y de seguir moviendome.
Deseo que el 2009 sea aun mejor que el 2008.
Voy a estudiar un monton, y voy a tratar de ser una mejor persona :)

Ayer en la noche, nos divertimos muchisimo. Familia de Costa Rica vino y celebro con nosotros, asi que fue una buena noche! Comi mucho como siempre y jugamos Ps3 con todos los que estaban en la casa :D

El conocimiento habla, y la sabiduria escucha- Jimy Hendrix