Thursday, January 15, 2009

Mimi's Rage T-Shirt

Today was my first day of school ;__; and when i came home... Guess what i found??!!

Hoy fue mi primer dia de colegio ;__; y cuando regrese a casa... Adivinen que encontre??!!

I'm gonna show you my T-shirt unboxing.

Les voy a enseñar el desenpaque de mi camisa.

3 Boxes! Damnit!! WHERE's MY SHIRT??!! >:[

3 Cajas! Maldicion! DONDE ESTA LA CAMISA?! >:[

Ok, This is the last one! OMG!! :D

Ok, Esta es la ultima :D

Yay!! Finally ^^' i got a Mimi's Rage T-shirt!!

Siii! Finalmente ^^' Tengo una camisa de la Ira de Mimi!

And besides the shirt, xJAYMANx sent to me a pic with a little text on it >:D

Y aparte de la camisa, xJAYMANx me mando una foto con un pequeño texto >:D

Thx Jay! I really appreciate all you did >;D

Yeah, the design came out badly, but i don't mind at all ^^' In general, the shirt looks and feels good.
If you are a Mimi's fan, You definitely have to buy one ;) "More info. HERE"

Si, El diseño salio mal, pero no me importa para nada ^^' En general, la camisa se mira bien y se siente bien.
Si eres fan de Mimi, Tienes que comprar una ;) "Mas informacion. AQUI"


xJAYMANx said...

@Shagh: Haha, like I said, no problema! Fortunately, I updated a simpler more-idiot-proof "Mimi's Rage" logo on Zazzle... Next step: Inform Mimi, lol. ^_^

daniel said...

I Want one!!Haha
Nice unboxing ;)

Shagh said...

@xJAYMANx: Haha yeah, i already saw the new desing xD

@Daniel: Then, you should buy one!
it won't be a waste of money, trust me ;)

xJAYMANx said...

@Shagh: And I saw Mimi's reply to your Shout, lol. I knew she'd like the news. ^_^