Saturday, February 14, 2009

Fast Food

Haha that was my lunch today xD
anyway, next week it's gonna be more relaxing, because i almost finished all my proyects. "Almost" because in 2 weeks i have to present a program in Pascal X__X There are 40 points in game and with my teacher you get 10 or you get 0, there's no chance to get 5 or 6..
thx god i like to make programs and i have a lot of time to make my proyect, Btw pascal it's not hard for me ^^'

Jaja ese fue mi almuerzo hoy xD De todas maneras, la otra semana va a ser mas calmada, por que ya termine "Casi" todos mis proyectos. En 2 semanas tengo que presentar un programa en Pascal que vale 40 puntos, y con mi teacher no se puede sacar 5 o 6 puntos, con el o se saca 10 o se saca 0 X_X gracias a dios me gusta programar y ademas tengo mucho timpo para hacer el programa y pascal no es dificil para mi.

Ohh and why "Fast Food"?
Because i ate so much crap this week "Mc Donalds, Pizza, Campero "our KFC", Chocolates, Valentine's day candy..etc".
LOL! Last weekend i went to the beach, took a couple of pics, ate fish and shrimps, And when everything was going fine..... I got sick... >:(

Hehe tomorrow i'll post the pics ok? ;)

Ohh y por que "Fast Food"?
Por que esta semana comi mucha basura "Mc Donalds, Pizza, Campero, Chocolates, Dulces del dia de san valentin...etc".
La semana pasada fui a la playa, tome un par de fotos, comi pescado y camarones, Y cuando todo iba bien...Me enferme.. >: (

jeje Mañana pondre las fotos ok? ;)
Nos vemos!


xJAYMANx said...

@Shagh: Here's a trick... Eat the fast food more *slooooowly*, lol.

Shagh said...

@xJAYMANx: Fast food = Die soon x__X
From now, i'll never eat mcdonalds again.......hehe