Sunday, December 14, 2008

Kisai Denshoku

Bueno, pues navegando en la web, me encontre con un reloj bastante interesante que yo la verdad, si me lo compraria, es un reloj bastante moderno y los relojes que venden alli, todos t¡enen ese toque moderno y futuristico... y como dicen por alli, si se compran uno, su nivel de geek va a ser lanzado por la estratosfera. pueden ver los relojes aqui.

Well, surfing the web, i found a pretty cool and interesting watch, and in my opinion, i would like to buy one, but they are a little bit expensive. you can see their products Here. The watches are very cool, they all have a modern look, but like someone said;
it’ll boost your geek cred up to stratospheric levels if you got one strapped to your wrist. hehe

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