Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Yesterday, i went out shopping, and i bought BLEACH manga vol.1 and vol.2!
Lol, It was difficult to find, because nobody reads manga in my country.

Ayer fui de compras y me compre el manga de BLEACH! vol.1 y vol.2!
Jaja, fui dificil encontrarlo, por que nadie lée manga aqui en mi pais.

Bleach vol.1, Right now, i'm reading the vol.1. I already saw the beginning of bleach on the t.v, but i don't know why, i like the manga more :D

Bleach vol.1, Ahorita estoy leyendo el vol.1. Ya vi el principio en la television, pero no se por que, me gusta mas el manga :D

Vol.2!!! LOL i just want to finish the vol.1 to start reading this one! ^__^ the bad thing is....!!! Yes ladies and gentlemen! THE PRICE!! $20 each vol. ;___; how's in your country? cheaper? more expensive?

Vol.2!! Jaja Solo quiero terminar el vol.1 para empezar este ^_^ Lo malo es.....!!! Si señoras y señores! EL PRECIO!! 20 dolares cada volumen. ;__; como es en tu pais? barato? mas caro?

There is when Ichigo meets Rukia, and she explain him what is a Hollow and Plus spirit, and that she's a Shinigami...etc.

Alli es cuando Ichigo conoce a Rukia, y ella le explica que es un espiritu Hollow y Plus, y de que ella es una Shinigami...etc.

Ichigo defeating a hollow that was killing his family. Rukia gave him her powers and now Ichigo is a Shinigami! ^_^

Ichigo peleando con un hollow que estaba matando a su familia. Rukia le dio sus poderes y ahora Ichigo es un Shinigami! ^_^


xJAYMANx said...

@Shagh: Yeah, pretty good action for an anime. But like "Naruto", each season lasts only a "day" or "week", lol, and keeps going and going...

Stopped watching "Bleach" after Season 3. After the "Soul Society" arc ended, I kinda lost interest. ^_^

Shagh said...

@xJAYMANx: Well, i really like bleach, it's not the best anime but it's really interesting and the action "like you said" is pretty good.
I still prefer Samurai X.

xJAYMANx said...

@Shagh: Hmm, should I be worried? "Naruto", "Bleach", "Rurouni Kenshin". Any series *shorter* than 1000 episodes that u watch? Haha.

Shagh said...

@xJAYMANx: Rurouni Kenshin only has 95 episodes!haha
Nah, I know Bleach and Naruto are very long and kind of boring, but i watch short series too :)