Sunday, October 10, 2010


Wow, it's been a while since my last post! haha
Hello people! It's nice to be back! I couldn't post anything this year because i was very busy at school.. BUT...i  FINISHED SCHOOL! Yeah! Right now i'm trying to get a job, but it is harder than it sounds.

Maybe you are thinking:"Why is he posting then?" "What is this all about?"
Well, i just wanna keep my blog up to date and talk about some cool stuff that you guys may like.

A year ago, i found a new and interesting website called Lockerz.
In Lockerz you get something like virtual money called PTZ. You can get PTZ by logging in everyday, by answering their daily questions or just by watching videos or inviting friends. Once you get enough PTZ to buy something, you can participate in some giveaways called Redemptions. There are Redemptions every month and you can use your PTZ earned on cool things like Macbooks, PS3 Games and consoles, Xbox 360 Games , iPods, T-Shirts...etc.

Is it scam? Impossible!
Why? Because i already won an iPod Touch on lockerz and here are the pics.

Oh and they gave me a free Z-list T-shirt

If you wanna get invited, you can leave a comment! 

If you are reading this, thank you for reading! i will try to post more frequently. 
I hope to get a job soon.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mac vs PC

Hey people! it's been a while huh?. Lately, I've been working on my new site, making some proyects and editing some movies. The next week some invitations and publicity that i did on Photoshop for a hotel are going to be on T.V like for 1 minute announcing a big event here in my country and that makes be so proud of myself.

Back to the topic, Mac or PC?
Why am i asking this? Well, it's because 3 weeks ago i was thinking on getting a new computer.

Mac: Good design, Great OS, Easy to use, Good for editing movies, Safer.
PC: Cheaper, Good support,easy to customize and repair, and a lot of software and hardware extensions.

My plan was getting Macbook, so i started to search for a good one. I went to the shop and i tried the macbooks, they were really cool and expensive, then i thought that getting an iMac would be less expensive and better. At the end i decided to buy a desktop PC. Why? because they are cheap, and i got a better hardware for less money.
Let see at the prices

For 1471.00$ :

Screen: 20"
processor: 2,66GHz Core 2 duo
Ram: 2 GB
Graphic Mem: NVIDIA GeForce 9400M
And of course, the great OSX Leopard.

And for 682$ i got this:

(pic not related)

Screen: 18"
Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad, Q9650 3GHz
Ram: 4gB
Graphic Mem: Nvidia Geforce 9600GT
Os: Win XP

I really love my new computer, macs are great but i totally prefer a better hardware. Maybe this christmas i'll buy a Macbook, who knows. Ohh and Windows 7 is comming and i think that is gonna be better than the F@k!ng vista.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Little Update

I know it's been a while since i wrote my last post, but i've been very busy.
Right now i'm working on my new web page, so i'll be changing to a new domain very soon...
A pasado un rato desde que escribi mi antiguo post, pero he estado muy ocupado.
Ahorita estoy trabajando en mi nueva pagina web, asi que estare cambiando de pagina muy pronto...

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Phantasy Star portable

Yes guys, this awesome RPG game will soon be on our hands!!
Release Date: March 3, 2009
Ohh yeah, almost forgot to say.. i'm a Psp user! and i love RPG's and FPS.
I can't wait to play Phantasy Star!!

Si muchachos, Este increible Juego RPG va a estar pronto en nuestras manos! Fecha de salida: 3 de Marzo del 2009
Ahh si, casi olvido decirlo.. Yo uso Psp! y me encantan los RPGs y los FPS.
No puedo esperar a jugar Phantasy Star!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Fast Food

Haha that was my lunch today xD
anyway, next week it's gonna be more relaxing, because i almost finished all my proyects. "Almost" because in 2 weeks i have to present a program in Pascal X__X There are 40 points in game and with my teacher you get 10 or you get 0, there's no chance to get 5 or 6..
thx god i like to make programs and i have a lot of time to make my proyect, Btw pascal it's not hard for me ^^'

Jaja ese fue mi almuerzo hoy xD De todas maneras, la otra semana va a ser mas calmada, por que ya termine "Casi" todos mis proyectos. En 2 semanas tengo que presentar un programa en Pascal que vale 40 puntos, y con mi teacher no se puede sacar 5 o 6 puntos, con el o se saca 10 o se saca 0 X_X gracias a dios me gusta programar y ademas tengo mucho timpo para hacer el programa y pascal no es dificil para mi.

Ohh and why "Fast Food"?
Because i ate so much crap this week "Mc Donalds, Pizza, Campero "our KFC", Chocolates, Valentine's day candy..etc".
LOL! Last weekend i went to the beach, took a couple of pics, ate fish and shrimps, And when everything was going fine..... I got sick... >:(

Hehe tomorrow i'll post the pics ok? ;)

Ohh y por que "Fast Food"?
Por que esta semana comi mucha basura "Mc Donalds, Pizza, Campero, Chocolates, Dulces del dia de san valentin...etc".
La semana pasada fui a la playa, tome un par de fotos, comi pescado y camarones, Y cuando todo iba bien...Me enferme.. >: (

jeje Mañana pondre las fotos ok? ;)
Nos vemos!